Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Twelfth Night

Last night we celebrated Twelfth Night with a whole bunch of friends in our little apartment. It was a riot of fun. The theme was Russian Zakuski. The Russians love to pack bunches of people into tiny spaces, so this was an authentic experience through and through! I sent out a list of recipes for the guests to choose from. They each prepared and brought their chosen dish, so we had an amazing spread of food, a culinary adventure. I think the most interesting dish was the kidney beans with plum sauce, mint, and cilantro. It was actually very good. Here is the menu:

Russian Black Bread
Salad Olivier
Mushroom Zakuski
Pot Cheese
Salmon Horseradish Butter
Georgian Cheese Pie
Kidney Beans with Plum Sauce
White Russians
King's Cake

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