Tuesday, January 12, 2010

He's turning 3!

My little Alex, not so little anymore, is turning three tomorrow. What a ray of sunshine he is in our home, his cute round face, dark eyes, and broad smile constantly warming our hearts. I think God has given this child the gift of willfulness, which, channeled in the right direction, will be powerful someday. He knows how to assert his opinion, to butt in when he feels he needs to be noticed, to be importunate in his asking for the things he wants or needs. I love that about him.

I love to watch Alex imitate his big brothers. Most recently, that has involved taking piles of books to bed and "reading" them before drifting off to sleep. His love for trucks and trains, though natural in boys, is a passionate love. I find him clutching his little toy trucks in his sleep, or drowsily rolling them back and forth as slumber overtakes him. He is already quite a little Lego builder. And just recently, he has shown me a budding love for fabric. Yes, I said fabric. As I was browsing online for fabric the other night, he spotted the piece he loved and wouldn't let me navigate away from the page. I ordered it for him as a surprise, and he proudly carried it around with him for quite a while, occasionally spreading and smoothing it out on the floor to study it and find the objects hidden in the busy pattern. Quite a guy, he is.

How often I wonder what he will become. We say goodbye to the tender two today. Tomorrow is the day of three, beginning of year of independence. God bless your little soul, my Victor Alexander!

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