Monday, January 11, 2010

Goals for the Week

Do one craft a day (5 days) with the kids.
1.Textured painting
2.Fish collages
3.Symmetry painting
4.Painting on wax
5.Vegetable stamps
I have been reading for the past year about how valuable "craft" time is. Frequently we moms think we can't craft except at kids' naptimes. I would never craft anything then, since my older 2 don't nap. It is very valuable to include them in the crafting process. I have learned that it is part of nurturing them. When we're all in the same room together working on projects, helping each other out, interacting with each other, there's a lot of learning going on. My two cents.

Cut way back on white carbs. Specifically, eat white carbs at only one meal a day. This doesn't include whole wheat flour--I'll give myself a break here and ease into this gently.

Reduce sugar consumption, back to the sugar fast I did between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That means only one small sugary treat each day (like one cookie or something similar). This in conjunction with the carb challenge should boost my energy level.

OK, that's 3 things. Three is a really good number. If I can do those things, I'll feel really good about this week.

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